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This is the Place

Fieldtrip Review

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For our Fieldtrip this last week, we went to This is the Place- Heritage Park, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

For my daughter’s birthday we bought a Salt Lake Connect pass. We bought it through Groupon , and let me tell you… We are SOOO excited we made that decision!! This pass will save us at least 50%, if we were to pay full price for all of the included venues. Planetarium, Aviary, This is the Place, Discovery Museum among others 🙂

A great deal. Plus, if it is your first time Grouponing you can save 25% on your first Groupon!!

Seriously we are thrilled. And I am kind of planning our Unschooling activities around what fieldtrip we are going to go on!! How exciting is that??

Now we went to This is the Place for Pioneer Day’s Celebration. And they had so many fun activities!! We took so many pictures and videos and I am hoping to be able to share them all with you. A lot, guys. 🙂

This Field Trip covered a LOT of History 🙂

Ready for the day!


Taking a power nap before all the fun…


Activities for the day….


This is the Place powers… UNITE!


This is the Place Monument!
Where Brigham Young declared we would stay, for religious freedom.


Capt Bonneville. Who Lake Bonneville is named after!




This was an interesting discussion.
Me- This is the Donner party. They got lost,
had no food… so they ate each other.
Ellie- Oh. Ew.



And then they have a memorial for all of the first people to reach Salt Lake City. What a cool piece of History!! By that they have the 100th, and 150th anniversary Trekkers and their names.

They got to sit in a pretend class, of what it used to be like when they first moved to the Salt Lake Valley! Ellie thought it was so cool!



Got to ride the train at no extra charge!!


Then we walked around a lot, Ellie got to try a Molasses cookie and Churn some butter! What a cool experience.

She loves seeing American Flag colors everywhere.
Oh look the American Flag!


She got to see a mill for the first time, and thought it was really cool how they make the flour we buy at the store!!

She also got to learn about Native Americans!
We were able to liken it to Pocahontas, and she was thrilled.
“Oh! Like John Smith!”


We also got to see the coolest Native American Dance!!! He ended up dancing with 7 hoola hoops. WOWWW!!



Here is Will enjoying our picnic 🙂

We even got to pan for Fool’s gold!!




And this isn’t even everything. There is so much to do… and we didn’t even make it to the west side of the park.

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