St Patrick’s Day Fun!

St. Patrick’s Day
Food and Fun


I have been doing lots of fun St Patrick’s Day things! It’s just a little Holiday, but it’s a little Holiday where you can have a little extra fun 😉

First things first.


The actual first thing I did, was a week or so ago I made some Fruit and Veggie Pancakes, that are the colors in the rainbow! I froze them in colors, so we could have Red one day, then Orange, then Yellow, then Green, then Purple. (I didn’t make blue pancakes)

This morning, we had the rainbow! And some sausage. 😉

We also made a leprechaun trap. Well… technically we made a bowl and masher trap, with pancakes underneath, but Ellie was happy anyway!

Here’s what the Leprechaun left for them!


And after they went to bed, I made Colorful popsicles!

We have made homemade Popsicles before, click here to see those!

We were just having too much fun making green food or using green food.

Here is an Avocado Chicken Sandwich.. green! Complete with a green knife 😉

And a hamburger wrap… Green! I just wrapped it in Some Beet Greens.

And chips… green!
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