Learning the Alphabet

For Age 3.5 we learned the alphabet in preparation for learning to read.

We tackled 1-2 letters a week.

A printout of the letter was always the last thing we did for the day, and they loved coloring.

Will, almost 2, participated most of the time, and came out knowing more letters than he did before!!

We also practiced writing the letters everyday, on these downloadable sheets!!

Download by clicking here!



Here is what their wall looked like after they were done!!

They also learned the pledge, which we do everyday before school.

3 Ingredient Banana Brownies

Look at these beauties, (Picture credit from Big Man’s World)


My daughter Ellie cooks, and she is 3! She has always been interested in what I am doing in the kitchen, and she does better with helping than watching!! So she has her own Youtube channel, where she cooks and sometimes shares Science experiments.

For this week, we tried a recipe from Big Man’s World.

My son can’t have dairy… and we really aren’t sure why yet, because his allergy test was negative. And you don’t want me to get in to his symptoms hahahaha.

So these are gluten free, vegetable free ;), sugar free, and could be tree nut free If you use sunbutter!! It’s really good.



3 ingredients.


Cocoa Powder.

Almond Butter. (I used peanutbutter)


For the full recipe go here.


Christmas, Perfection, and Yummy Dessert

This week has been fun! Although it has gone by reallllly fast for me. Which is weird! Yesterday, I thought it was Tuesday. Where did the week go?? I don’t know.

Miss Ellie has started some fun new things in school, Will is on probiotics which seem to be helping him a TON, and I am just trying to keep up with these two active kiddos!!

So for today, we are sharing our FHE lesson, Ellie’s treat, and some fun Christmas themed school activities we have been doing.



Making and Painting Ornaments!!

Writing, and connecting the dots.  

Skittle Science!!!



Our new FHE Lesson, based off Elder Holland’s talk.

Practicing Perfection!



And last but certainly not least… Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing!!


Trees, Seek’s, and Dairy Free Treats.

So first off, I am only writing posts once a week now. I have made a commitment to make FHE lessons, so those will be included. Ellie loves learning to cook, and is now starting to include Will in some of her cooking- so we will continue to post her recipes and videos. I hope to write about our life, and maybe include some of my musical journey in there as well. And don’t forget, one of the main reasons I created this blog was to document our Homeschooling so I could continue to build upon it, and use it for Will as well.

Thanksgiving Preschool

For this week… We did some Thanksgiving Schooling. As well as Ellie learned some colors in Spanish!!

Learned about Pilgrims and made Pilgrim hats and Bonnets!!

We also did a fun Science Experiment… made Popcorn Kernels dance!!

And last but not least… we made a Thanksgiving tree!! See how here.

Teaching a 1 year old

Will is learning his colors and shapes, and we have started introducing him to his name!

Popcorn… and a movie?

Ellie made us Popcorn! And we included a whole list of dairy free toppings, and if you aren’t dairy free… SMACK ON THAT BUTTER!!! Also, we finished Gilligan’s Island season 2. Anyone that knows where to find season 3… let us fans know.

Allergies are NOT The Bees Knees- Neither are Intolerances

Which brings us to Will… William is our 19 month son. He has had some GI issues and rashes, and we couldn’t figure out why. I had a suspicion It was dairy related… IBS runs in my family. So we cut out dairy and miraculously… he was feeling better. Less diaper rashes, He would get them so bad it looked like a burn!! His face was clearing up again, he always had red cheeks. He was eating more again, although hard for us to find what to feed the kids who’s favorite snacks are cheese and yogurt.

It has been a learning experience for SURE, but if he is feeling better, smelling better, and acting better? It is a sacrifice well worth it. Which brings us to the next part of the journey… We needed to get him an Allergy test to figure out what was going on. And why, being dairy free was he still having issues some days? Ugh so much to figure out! Come to find out, my mom brain didn’t think to check our bread (the thing he ate more than cheese or yogurt was toast), oats and flour. See, we buy bulk oats and flour at WinCo. Cheaper. Buuuut…. the bread “may contain” milk, and the oats and flour are processed on equipment that milk is processed on. So, fine. Back to square 1! We found out he can’t have anything that “may contain” dairy or is processed on the same equipment. Ok Ok, we can do that. Buying packaged oats and flour again, switching brands of bread. Phew. We can do this.

Through this journey we have also found that WinCo diapers give him welts, and apple juice gives him the same problem that dairy does. We are continually learning!! But then we FINALLY got an allergy appt!! Oh how we waited for this. They tested him, and the dairy allergy was negative! YES!! But the allergist also said, do not give him any dairy because of his reactions. So, here we are, knowing he isn’t allergic, but he is very very sensitive. Emotionally and Intestinally! HA! We discussed his sister’s medical history, she had to get her tonsils out when she was 2, having a lot of the same problems as Will, but nearly as bad. So we never thought she had allergies. We were advised to keep him dairy free until his tonsils come out, and then to try dairy again!! How amazing would It be if he could have dairy again sooner rather than later. Amazing!!!

Neither my husband or I have had to get them out, so who knows why they do!! Being dairy free has been hard, and a big learning process. We are a sharing family, so it has been so hard to not share all of my food with him!! He loves coconut oil, No PHO Margarine (just made with oil), Duncan Hines brand cake mix, Almond milk, eggs, toast, fruits and vegetables, chicken and turkey and ham, homemade chocolate milk, chocolate almond milk… and a lot of dairy free substitutes. IT is amazing how many things have dairy in them, but it is amazing some things that don’t. A lot of things he doesn’t have to give up.

Thanks for reading our spiel here, and now you will know why we may refuse Goldfish. 😉

FHE- Seek Ye to Be Holy

Go here for the FHE lesson for this week 🙂